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Waverly White Bridge Pins

Hand-turned, vintage style. High quality grooved bridge pins feature a 5-degree taper and a 0.070" (1.78mm) string slot.


Available with or without inlaid dot. Sold in packages of 6.

Jewelry for your guitar • A vintage material is reborn
White bridge pins are made of Galalith, a dense and durable casein-based material that polishes beautifully. Popular in the early 20th century, Galalith is found today in collectible vintage jewelry. It cannot be molded; each pin is precisely machined and has none of the unsightly mold lines common to plastic pins.

Waverly White Bridge Pins

CHF 15.00Preis
    • White bridge pin made of Galalith
    • Without inlaid dot
    • All pins have a 5-degree taper
    • Slotted pins have a 0.070" (1.78mm) string slot
    • Sold in packages of 6
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