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TAD CTS 1Meg Dimple (LOG) Potentiometer, Solid

A1M LOG CTS Dimple Potentiometer

CTS 1Meg Ohm true vintage Dimple Back Audio Taper (Log) 24mm Potentiometer


The dimple back design makes them unique and distinctive; synonymous with the best potentiometers for guitars aND Amps.

TAD CTS 1Meg Dimple (LOG) Potentiometer, Solid

Artikelnummer: CTS-D-A1M
CHF 5.80Preis
    • 1/4" solid brass shaft
    • 3/8" brass bushing
    • 24mm "dimple" dished back cover
    • including nut + washer + lock washer
    • solder lug terminals for tradidional wiring
    • Robust "dimple" Construction
    • special low torque for smooth control
    • Proprietary Anti-Static Lube
    • Brass Shaft & Bushing
    • Reduced Shaft Wobble
    • pre-soldered rear cover for easy soldering
    • Low Noise Output
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